Become Info Management Sales Partner

If you are an IT entrepreneur or a sales professional, or just a person who believes that can earn well by finding opportunities for businesses around you, our sales partnership programme could be a perfect opportunity and stable business for you!

Under this programme you will be in charge of finding business opportunities and generating leads. Our sales team will supply client with all the necessary materials and offerings. During all stages of sales process technical specialists will ensure that all technical questions are met. Later on Info Management will deliver required project management, methodology and services to end-users within time and budget. While we work, you sit back and receive your sales commission.

Key points to partner with us:

  • Good commissions for sales partner;
  • Competitive pricing with wide range of skills and high level services;
  • Constant technical and sales support from our professionals;
  • Management of projects and services is completely our job.

Become Info Management Service Partner

If you are an IT company that needs to grow its competitiveness by increasing range of offerings, lowering development costs and delivering high quality services to your clients we could be reliable partner.

Many companies could not afford to setup their own outsourcing centre in Eastern Europe because of high initial costs, complexities to find right labour and risks to establish right teams. We offer all the benefits of such centre, but without any large-scale investments or risks such ventures usually involve.

In this setting you work on establishing and maintaining relationships with customers and, when necessary, act as a project manager. Info management, in its turn, provides full Life-Cycle development capabilities, processes and QA systems to deliver the services to the customers.

Key points to choose us for service partnership:

  • Control and lower your operational costs;
  • Lower your risks while improving your return on investment;
  • Improve credibility among your customers by offering various business solutions and superior IT services;
  • Enjoy full support of our technical and sales experts.

About Info Management Development Agency

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